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Meet Kiesha King-Brown

Founder, CEO

Kiesha Helps Retail and Small Businesses Increase Revenue and Profit.

ย She is a Sr. Consultant specializing in Strategy, Profitability and Leadership Development Consulting for Retailers and Small Business Owners.

Kiesha has an MBA in Management, BSBA in Marketing, and holds certifications in Consulting and Executive Coaching. She is author of “Differentiated Leadership.”

Kiesha draws her inspiration from 20 years experience at Fortune 200 companies in Executive Leadership and HR positions helping leaders build strategies, enhance development, and grow their business.

Kiesha took a $430M market to $500M in 3 years, from top 25% in the company to #1 the first year in both revenue growth and NOP growth, and top 6% in the company consistently from there.ย  She took a market of 25 stores that played in the bottom 10% in the company for almost 7 years to the top 5% in the company for the next 7 years in revenue growth.

But, Kiesha’s proudest part of her journey is the legacy she has left behind of the 200+ Store Managers and teams whose leadership and business growth was visibly better improved, 12 multi-unit leadership promotions, and the numerous leaders she had the priveledge to mentor at and above her peer level.

Kiesha has saved business owners an average of six-figures and increased cash flow to allow them to invest their financials in areas that actually growth their business.ย  She has helped small business owners gain clarity around where they are in the life cycle stages and provided a strategic blueprint to improve their sustainability and enable improved profit.

Kiesha is a consulting expert with a business mindset, innovative thought process, strong financial acumen, and leadership development expertise founded in strategy. She connects in a way that fuels untapped potential and makes your purpose her priority.

Her drive for results is contagious. Her humble confidence and sense of humor…just a bonus.

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