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Hotel Owners Sleep Better at Night with Cost Segregation

Hotels require constant maintenance to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.  High traffic areas such as entryways, lobbies, and hallways require new carpeting and paint every few years.  Upgrades in lighting, technology and furnishings can create a competitive advantage in experience and enable hotels to remain profitable.    All of these things require the use of cash flow.

Cost segregation can minimize expenses allowing for more money to not only be invested into experience but also to flow through to the bottom line.  Most hotel owners will see a 200% ROI with cost segregation.  Hotels owned for five years or more qualify for all unrealized depreciation carried forward into current tax year.  New purchases or construction can result I cash flow in the first 6 years.

Hotel owners typically see an average of $240K in savings and often also realize property tax savings if they are paying $50K or more per year.  Hotels that have done energy efficient upgrades may be eligible for Energy EPAct/179d and hiring tax savings for new hires as well.

Don’t lose sleep over expenses associated with owning hotel properties!   It takes 10 minutes to see how much we may be able to save you now and going forward.

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