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Our Services

Cost Segregation Consulting

Cost Segregation Consulting

Threats to the Business Often Lie in the Expense Line of the P&L

90% of Commercial Property and Owners and Multi-Family Investors are tipping the IRS an average of 6-figures and can increase cash flow within 4-6 weeks to recapture finances spent on expenses and invest them into things that actually grow the business.


Cost Segregation is an IRS approved means of accelerating depreciation of physical and personal property to realize savings currently.  The IRS allows you to categorize items into depreciation schedules of 5, 7, and 15 years versus 27.5 or 39 years.

Our service is contingency based consulting with no up front fees!

  • Increase in savings, current and future cash flow for 90% of commercial and multi-family investors.
  • $75K for every $1M purchase, construction or renovation cost.
  • The fees are a % of the savings AND are tax deductible.


Profitability Consulting

Profitability Consulting

Threats to the business often lie in the expense line of the P&L.

The majority of business owners are tipping the IRS and overspending through their expense line.

What You’ll Get:

  • Real-time analysis of potential areas of overspent expenses
  • Increase in savings and future cash flow for 90% of business owners
  • Cost Segregation as primary savings vehicle.  Cost segregation is an IRS approved means of accelerating deprecation of physical and personal property to realize savings currently.  Money saved is used by business owners to invest NOW into additional properties or additional things that provide growth for the business such as talent, equipment, services, etc.  This is not something done by most CPAs but we look forward to collaborating with your current CPA.
  • Six other potential areas we are able to provide savings for business owners.
  • There is a minimal to no upfront fee required.  The majority of the fee is taken from the savings once received by the client.
  • Most clients save an average of six-figures.

Consulting for Small Business

Consulting for Small Business

Like leaders, businesses don’t automatically stay on track…they must be driven by strategy and execution.

Consistency around these strategy and execution is where many lose sustainability in there business.


Many business owners don’t prioritize their own development and so their business stalls out.

Many business owners fail to innovate or make changes in their business as customer expectations evolve and the competition changes, and their business starts to head in the wrong direction.


To get back on track or stay on track, schedule a free consultation.

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With our years of leadership experience, we excel in enhancing leadership skills and driving business productivity.


Our dedicated team is results driven and inspired to help new clients lead their business to success.


Our team is passionate about their work and our clients. We take pride in seeing our client’s success.

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At Differentiated Consulting, customer service is our top priority, with that our clients get differentiated service.

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